Sunday, June 1, 2008

R/C Car with Wireless Video Camera

Gadget Information:

A Passport to Fun & Adventure

This isn't the R/C car you had when you were a kid. This is the R/C car you dreamed of when you were a kid! Full speed ahead with this amazing piece of spy equipment that no one will ever suspect. You'll be tuned into a whole new world of knowledge as you drive about the home or your office. See what's going on in the office down the hall. See what's happening in your kitchen. You have a passport to fun, action, and excitement.

No One Will Ever Know

The joy of the Spion R/C Racing Spy Car is not just the thrill of spying. The excitement also comes from being able to watch your every move as you drive to your destination. Can you handle it? It takes some coordination to maneuver around chairs, down the hall, and into the living room without being noticed. You'll spend hours upon hours fine tuning your driving skills. Watch out for the sofa! You'll see every obstacle in your way. The question is whether you can handle the rush when you are about to hit the dining room table.

Can You Handle It?

Step into the cockpit of the most advanced piece of spy equipment that ever had a remote control. Spion's R/C Racing Spy Car w/Camera is like a virtual racecar experience. You'll feel the wind blowing past you as you see yourself zipping past the family dog, heading towards the stairs. The Speed. The Rush. The Adrenaline. The Spying. How will you handle it? Buy the Spion R/C Racing Spy Car w/Camera and answer the calling inside you today!

Where can we buy this Gadget?
The Gadget description was posted from Gadget Universe, you can also buy the Spy Car from the same site. Have Fun!

Video presentation: View now!

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