Monday, June 2, 2008

WowWee’s New Tri-Bot

For fans of all things robotic, you’re probably no stranger to the name WowWee. Those of you who have been reading CG for a while might remember WowWee’s name mentioned numerous times in our Robot Toys Gift Guide from last year’s holiday season.

If you couldn’t get enough of the WowWee Robosapien, Roboreptile, or Flytech Dragonfly, they’ve got a whole new bot coming out this summer. And lucky for you, we’re giving you an early look at what to expect from WowWee during the dog days of the sunshine season. The summer of 2008 might very well be the summer of Tri-Bot.

WowWee’s Tri-Bot is an interactive companion which is programmed full of personality. The Tri-Bot offers users a fun alarm clock feature, while also providing an assortment of games such as Pattern, Minefield, and Maze. Tri-Bot can even tell a joke or two.

Tri-Pod’s personality is feature through an animated face which changes related to context. It gets its name from its unique tri-wheel omni-directional base, powered by 3 motors, 3 infrared sensors, poseable arms, a speaker and a LED indicator. All of this is controlled with a remote control which is powered with three AA batteries. Tri-Bot will be available this summer for only $99.

Where can we buy this Gadget
Techpin is the name :)

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