Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thrustmaster Recharges Your Wii

Admit it, you're addicted! Come on, there's no going back, I have you cornered! You're addicted to the Wii like housewives are addicted to soap operas. You just can't have enough. You eat donuts and pizza all day and can't understand why Wii Fit just doesn't work the way you expect it to, you like make believing you are Harry Potter or Rafael Nadal and swing your Wii Remote around pretending you're a sorcerer or the world's top tennis player.

You've even bought yourself Resident Evil 1 for the Wii and pretend you're Jill Valentine. Strangest part, Jill's a woman, you're a guy and yet you feel like you're living the game. And while you're shooting monsters, escaping corridors unscathed or running for your life with mutant sharks on your tail... something happens: your remote runs out of power. The Game Over screen appears, you're angry and feel like throwing your Wii out the window. And you know what you hate about yourself most?

That you did not think to acquire one of the new Thrustmaster charging solutions for the Wii. You know, the T-Charge Stand Contactless+ NW, for example, that allows you not only to recharge your Wii Remotes but also holds your Wii and shows you when charging is complete via an LED light? Or at least the T-Charge Quattro+ NW. Yeah, that's right, Thrustmaster's compact solution that will charge your Remotes and is powered by the console's USB port. Just think about it, with only 39.99 for the T-Charge Stand Contactless+ NW, or 34.99 for the -Charge Quattro+ NW, it would have all been avoided.

Before you return to glancing at your Game Over Screen, how about you hear what Winn Keaten, Marketing Manager for Thrustmaster, had to say, “Thrustmaster is dedicated to providing practical and easy to use accessories for Nintendo Wii fans. […] These charging solutions for Wii™ will give Wii gamers hours of playing time this holiday season.”

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