Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Headphones with a working Zipper !

Although the idea of headphones with a zipper seems attractive enough, with a new and original look, it seems that Ecko Zip are actually inspired by older Zipbuds created in California - but that's another story, let's turn our attention momentarily on the new models from ECKOUNLTD.

Named Ecko Zip, the headphones shown in the picture above are doing a very good job of replacing a cable with a headphone classic highly functional zipper. The obvious purpose of this design, from my point of view, is to avoid tangling the cable.

Even if the price of $ 30 does not inspire a lot of trust when it comes to acoustics, the fact that the same brand will launch in the near future several other products in the same range of areas entitled Earbuds ($ 13), Chaos II ($ 15), Stomp ($ 20) Lace (with a design inspired laces - $ 25) or chain (yes, they even made headphones that looks like a neck chain $ 40), we can see that they are confident in prioritizing design in front quality by the majority of technology users.

Could this be a very attractive solution? Design before quality?

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