Sunday, March 11, 2012

Android takes the lead in Mobile Platforms

ComScore has published a report with the latest information about mobile phone market for a period of three months that ended in January 2012. Although figures are only for the American market, they are a good indication about the trend concerning mobile operating systems.
If in smartphones, the data are difficult to extrapolate, very interesting is that the statistics on mobile platforms, are reflecting a steady increase for Android. This operating system has, in an U.S. market share of 48.6% - an increase of 2.3 percent from the last quarter that ended in October 2011.

If Symbian is maintained in the Top 10 (indeed, the last position, with 1.6% market share), dropping 0.1% minimum, what concerns me is the loss of popularity of the RIM - Blackberry platform (3rd the top, 15.2% market share) recording a decrease of 2 percent.

Everything is falling for the Microsoft mobile platform (-1%), which has 4.4 percent market share.

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