Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector, The Optimum Metal Detecting Experience

The optimum experience for any father is when he accompanies his little kid on a treasure hunt, and find that his on has found a bag full of old treasures! The joy that his child had experienced the whole day as one after another treasures are discovered from the ground and then are neatly brushed and packed, A good metal detector will increase this joy many fold.

Bounty hunters are crazy lot, especially the kids that have taken a liking for this adventure sport like never before! Even my little son is no different from any other kid in the neighborhood when it comes to treasure hunting. The nearest stream has become the favorite hunting place of all the kids in town after a wonderful story of lost treasure of olden times pirates floated the town.

Before long, I was with my son on the bounty-hunting excursion near the stream! Luckily, I had bought the kid the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector. This is a very useful metal detector with many useful features, and it can keep your child’s love for bounty hunting growing everyday, as it did to my own kid.

As the treasures are usually hidden deep beneath the surface of the Earth, it is not worthwhile to look for them behind the bushes! This metal detector can show where the treasures are hidden beneath the ground’s surface by simply switching on this detector.

The large 2-1/3 inch LCD screen will display if there are any treasure buried under the ground with the help of its 3-tone audio feedback signals. It can do more than just that!

A young child will simply love to find a “treasure” like an old coin or a rusted horseshoe or an ages old iron piece, thanks to these latest gadgets. These small “junk” metals are big treasures for these little children! This metal detector comprises of a padded armrest, a comfortable grip handle, and a light and adjustable aluminum rod. The metal detection can be carried out for as long as you wish, or for as long as the child wishes because of its lighter weight and comfortable handling.

This metal detector is also waterproof! You can take it safely to the seashore and discover wonderful things there without any damage to this metal detector.

You can now easily collect the ocean’s treasures lying under the sand. The seashores are wonderful places to find old treasures and a good waterproof metal detector can find more such treasures than an ordinary metal detector, simply because it is waterproof! All your worries about the valuable metal detector becoming rusted can be laid to rest now.

The 8-inch wide search coil of this metal detector covers a larger area too. I have used many metal detectors while serving the Army and I can really say that the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector is the one I prefer for detecting metals because of its superior features.

So, grab this wonderful metal detector and go on a bounty-hunting trip! Your kid will just love it! Happy treasure hunting!

Where can you buy the Gadget: Bounty Hunter Home-Page

Video presentation
: See it now!

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