Thursday, June 5, 2008


On the day I wrote this, there was a news story about a woman who sat on a toilet for TWO YEARS! Most people will think, "Well, that's just crazy." But if there's a part of you that is somehow attracted by the idea, you might want to own one of these Desk Top Butt Stations.

It's a desktop organizer that looks like a fellow sitting on the john. Besides the spaces to hold pens and Post-it Notes, the figure holds adhesive tape in his hands as if it were a roll of toilet paper.

As a special touch, the toilet itself can hold paper clips. The colorful guy has a magnet in his butt so the paper clips stick to it when you lift him up!

We should mention that the pens, Post-its, and tape do not come with your Butt Station. But he DOES come in a good-lookin' box and is available in either Orange or Green.

The Butt Station would make a handsome gift for your boss, your co-workers, or anyone who shares your weird obsession with toilets.

Where can we buy this Gadget: at $13.99

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