Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google + Motorola = Love

The news came unexpectedly and there are still discussions about the ramifications of this important acquisition. Google has bought Motorola Mobility division that deals with the production of the Motorola mobile phones for $12.5 billion. Note that this division was separated from the parent company for some time, in an attempt to return to power the mobile terminals market.

Google has flirted with the prospect of building their own smartphone for some time. They needed help from HTC for the Nexus One and for the Nexus S Samsung came tot the rescue. Now, Google has one major company producing mobile phones.Motorola may have lost much of its market in Europe, but it is not bad at all in the U.S. market.

There are voices who claim that behind this acquisition is another reason.Motorola Mobility comes with an arsenal of patents. Google wants to be able to defend the Android operating system and compatible terminals manufacturers from possible lawsuits from Apple or other companies interested to extort money from HTC, Samsung or LG companies. Motorola Mobility is already in dispute with Apple and the support that comes from Google will be more than welcome.Another impossible to ignore lawsuit is the one with Microsoft. The company that is behind Windows 7 Phone already received contributions from HTC and it seems to have the viewfinder on other Android phone manufacturers.

Effective procurement process between Google and Motorola Mobility will take a while, and the first terminal that will result from this collaboration may come later. What tot expect? A descendant of Nexus S, a waterproof device like Motorola Defy? Or a Xoom 2 tablet with android signed by Google?

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