Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Strange but functional! 5 weird and usable gadgets

With millions of hi-tech products on the market, it's hard to stand out. But these products will surely get your attention - they are strange, but are very useful at the same time. They will wake you, refresh you, allow you to send messages from weird areas or charge your gadgets. View some of the weirdest gadgets as a list of CNBC.com.

1. This complex swimsuit not only shines in the sun when you go on the beach but it also makes sure your iPod does not run out of battery.

According to the creator of the Solar Bikini, Andrew Schneider, the suit is full of photovoltaic cells sewn together in a specific way so as to generate enough current to ensure charging for an iPod or a similar device.

The costume is not yet mass-market distributed, Schneider saying that each costume is custom made and can cost from $ 1,000 upwards.

2. Are you the kind of person who when hearing the alarm clock turns on the other side, stops the alarm and then goes back asleep? 
Do you wake up an hour later with a desperate face, that of a man who is late for work? 
Well, the Flying Alarm Clock, sold on ThinkGeek.com  (currently not in stock), will solve these problems.

To stop him, you have to get out of bed and catch the flying part of the clock. 
In other words, "catch me if you can!"

3. When air temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, you can sweat from car to office. Hammacher Schlmmer site has the answer - Fanbrella. It is an umbrella with an integrated fan. It opens like a normal umbrella but has a fan that rotates at the speed of 650 revolutions / minute.

4.  The iPlunger is a mini-pump that can be attached to the iPhone or iPod Touch either vertical or horizontal, supporting the gadget so that you have easy access to your Music and Internet. The product can be purchased on DaftGadgets.com 
5. Every time you read your friends posts on Facebook, you can declare your appreciation by clicking the "Like".

Those from ThinkGeek  brought this to life with a stamp with the classic "Like". Obviously, they did it on of the opposite - "dislike".

You don't like the work of a colleague? Stamp it with a "dislike". You think your kid did a good test? Stamp the sheet with "Like" to show him you're proud - and be in tune with the social media networks.

"Like" or "dislike"?

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