Monday, September 12, 2011

Motorola Wilder - It seems DumbPhones still exist

I always enjoy the announcements from manufacturers, mobile giants, which seem to be focused mainly on the smartphone market. Whether we are talking about phones with IOS, Android or Windows Phone 7, all these devices have several things in common links: they are smartphones, are intended for an educated public in terms of technology and most importantly, are generally very expensive .
Motorola tries to remind us of times when the most advanced smartphones were those with Symbian and the average user was satisfied with a simple "dumbphone" running an operating system with limited functions known. Motorola's device is called Wilder, and comes in a very odd shape.
It is constructed of materials resistant to water and dust, and provides 2.8 inches of screen space to use the few factory-installed features.
Although at first sight seeing that the phone comes with apps like Wilder Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube it may seem interesting and even useful, the two megapixel camera to shoot only 15 frames per second and the 5 MB of internal memory (not GB) will disappoint any social networking amateur making it very difficult to add content. Fortunately, the phone has a microSD slot that can support cards up to 32GB, and gamers can have fun with Tetris and Need for Speed​​, the two preinstalled games.
A very interesting addition is a small secondary display device in the bottom of the phone that provides information about missed calls, battery and signal.
 At only 89 Euro without contract, this phone does not sound so bad, but any smartphone user will not approach him. Motorola Wilder is scheduled to begin in Italy next month, but judging from the promo video section, it will certainly be released worldwide.

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