Sunday, October 2, 2011

Germans have unveiled what is supposed to be the new iPhone 5, a German website went a step further on revealing the first design the next iPhone that will be announced on October 4. They didn't just draw 3D designs that you can see on a computer screen, but went all the way and made ​​a real model, putting together all the rumors so far.

The result is amazing, because the phone just seems real, yet is only a piece of glass applied to a piece of aluminum, and the Apple design influence is obvious in device. It seems that the next generation of the popular phone will have a larger display, will have a unibody aluminum construction very similar to that of the iPhone 2, will include a Home button and it will be noticeably thinner than the iPhone 4.

If I made you ​​curious about the new iPhone, then check out the video below. It presents the model and compares it with past generations of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S II.

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