Monday, October 3, 2011

Google Maps 3D Helicopter View. Google Maps now offers view from helicopter

After the controversial Street View from Google Maps (because of some controversial images captured by cameras for Google), the online giant thought that traffic congestion on the roads can be ignored if you fly by helicopter. Thus arose 3D Aerial maps or "helicopter view" maps that give users a viewing angle similar to the helicopter.

Routes can then be easily explored and points of interest can be seen more easily and better.
This view requires Google Earth plug-in.

Google Maps 3D Helicopter ViewGoogle Maps now offers view from helicopter

3D view of the helicopter is not yet available for everyone, at least for routes in some countries have no option available. I will return with news when we see Google helicopters flying over the city.

P.S.: Do not look for Google helicopters in the sky. To achieve 3D Aerial maps, Google is using the satellite images.

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