Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IBM beats Microsoft in stock market value

Since few days ago, IBM was able beat Microsoft, taking into account the stock market capitalization. This is the first time that IBM does this in 1996, when Microsoft moved ahead.
For many years Microsoft has been the most valuable company in the technological sector. There were moments that Microsoft's market value amounted to 430 billion, a threshold that neither Apple has not currently reached (now worth 362 billion dollars).
Returning to IBM, the company's quotation on the stock exchange at present gives a value of about 214 billion dollars while Microsoft is worth 213 billion dollars. IBM has skyrocketed lately, after the company changed the focus over the years mainly to large servers, services, consulting and software. In 2005, IBM has shocked many people when they announced that they will sell the PC division, but moved to more profitable areas and that is seen today.
HP is trying to turn a similar transition now, but the way it was announced and managed (so far at least), has discouraged most of the investors.

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